• October 1, 2016

Pizza from grain to oven


Pizza from grain to oven

One of our guiding principles at The Garden is to do as many things as possible in-house. It’s not just a question of controlling what goes onto your plate, in-house processes can also make a great difference to the flavours and consistency of our food. Here’s how it works for our mouth-watering pizzas.

When chef Oliver Heath met Jade Fraser and Renee Neale from Wholegrain Milling the idea of making our own flour for pizzas began to take shape. We looked at a series of mills that would fit our requirements but, most importantly, we needed a reliable supplier of grains, someone who understood what we were aiming for with The Garden and wanted to be a partner in this journey. The Wholegrain Milling team are passionate advocates of sustainable grains, flours and ryes and supply everything from wheat and quinoa to oats and barley. We finally had our supplier.

A photo by Peter Kleinau. unsplash.com/photos/oP_xD70TpsI


Our dough benefits from the flour we make at the restaurant but we don’t just stop there. Ollie’s recipe for tomato sauce provides a delicious, sharp contrast to the locally sourced mozzarella cheese that goes on every pizza. Add a variety of Italian meats cured in house like bresaola and salami, seasonal veggies like zucchini and basil or fresh seafood and you have yourself a bite of sizzling goodness.

So come by The Garden and check out what difference all these make to the flavours of our pizzas.