Good food from good places

Meet our network of farmers and growers

We work directly with farmers all across Australia to source fresh, seasonal produce and bring the best flavours to your plate.

Hillview Fine Foods,  Batlow NSW

Jason Ryan heads this cooperative that includes over a dozen growers from all over New South Wales. From these farms we source fresh fruits and vegetables that change with the season: avocados in Spring, passion fruit in Summer or rhubarb in winter play a major role in shaping our menu. More growers and farmers are joining this initiative every month to get their products to Sydney farmers markets like Marrickville and Double Bay.

Wholegrain Milling Co.

Wood-fired pizzas are a big part of our menu. Thanks to Renee, Jade and the rest of the team at Wholegrain we will be pioneers in Australia milling our won flour. Their certified sustainable products will enhance the flavour of our dough and help us control the entire process, from harvesting the grain all they way to your plate.

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Batch Brewing Company, Marrickville NSW

Friends Chris Sidwa and Andrew Fineran founded Batch in nearby Marrickville to produce fruity IPAs and crisp Pale Ales while sourcing from sustainable growers. Their ultimate goal is to produce a malt based on their unique specifications: a 100% Batch signature beer. Come by our bar and enjoy an Australian IPA or Das Helles Lager on tap and bottle.

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Green Bean Coffee

Green Bean Coffee is the dream of Kirk Stuart, a passionate coffee entrepreneur leading a switch to in-house roasted coffee. At The Garden we use his beans and machines to bring intense, smooth flavours to every cup we serve. Pop by our cafe any time of the day to check it out or come over to enjoy a weekend breakfast with fresh pastries and other goodies.

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